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  What are the benefits of getting your own personalised email address?

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What would you pay for a state-of-the-art, instantaneous, electronic multimedia, peer-to-peer communication service? Does FREE sound good? Good, because that's your cost for Mailfinity. But how is that possible? There are two reasons Mailfinity can afford to do give you email for free:

a. We sell advertising (ad banners placement) on the site where you'll come to pick up your email. (We know, but hey - when was the last time you visited a commercial Web site that didn't display ad banners?)

b. We sell private-label email services to other businesses, like ISPs, corporations, schools, Web sites, etc. that want to offer Web-based email to their members or customers.

So the bottom line is really good for Mailfinity members: Zero. Nada. Nothing. Free. And just look what you get! Your free Mailfinity email account is jam-packed and fun-filled with tons of cool features. (Go ahead; take a look around the site. We think you'll like what you see.)

Unlimited Storage
Do you dream about the awesome freedom of infinite space? Have you wished for more storage than you can use in ten lifetimes? Would you like to never think again about exceeding an email quota? Well, Mailfinity has made your dreams and wishes come true.

We are proud to be the first email service in the world to offer all our users unlimited storage capacity. This means you can now store thousands or even millions of photos, music files, huge attachments, etc. - no problem. It means you're a part of email history because you own the world's largest free mailbox. And it means Mailfinity is committed to giving you more of everything than any other email provider around.

Sure, other free email services like Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail give their users really big storage numbers. But nobody likes boundaries, and we believe even huge storage numbers leave users feeling caged. We want you to feel free to send, receive and store an infinite number of messages and massive attachments without worrying about exceeding any storage limits. So Mailfinity has erased all storage boundaries. But unlike other free email services, we don't skimp on features for our free users. With Mailfinity, you can enjoy unlimited storage right along with our rock-solid service, rich feature set, fast Web interface, advanced spam and virus protection, rich-text formatting, IMAP4 and POP3, instant email language translation, interchangeable skins and color schemes, and much more.

Ultimate Accessibility
We're going to go extreme again with this benefit. Not only is Mailfinity free and comes with unlimited storage, it's also available anytime, anywhere from almost any two-way communication device. That means you can access your email from any computer that has a Web browser and an Internet connection. You can also use wireless applications (cell phone, PDA) from anywhere on the planet. In short, there's almost no limit to the ways you can communicate via Mailfinity.

Ultra Secure & Private
There are two layers of security at Mailfinity: 1) All our email servers are configured for ultimate technical security on the Internet (we won't bore you with geek talk, but rest assured our security technology is extremely good), and 2) our email browsing features protect your privacy at home or at work.

Your Mailfinity Web-based email account is located at a Web site far from prying eyes at your workplace and where no family member will ever go, and it's protected by a password that's exclusively yours. These advantages combined with features like secure browsing (your browser's Back button can be deactivated to prevent anyone from using it to flip through messages you've read recently) and your ability to change your password as often as you like, will keep your personal communications private, intimately yours and yours alone.

Large Attachments
Mailfinity's generous attachment capacity helps you avoid one of life's biggest little annoyances: emails that bounce back because an attachment was too large. Your Mailfinity account lets you attach files up to a big 50 MB, so you can feel free to attach that doctoral dissertation, family photo album, video clip, etc.

Simple Setup
That's right - we've nerd-proofed the front-end of our system. Everything you control at Mailfinity has been thoughtfully designed for easy setup and ongoing use. If you can point, click and type a few useful words, you're already qualified to configure your email configuration requirements and use the service.

User-Friendly Interface
One of the most enjoyable benefits of a Mailfinity account is the people-friendly interface. We've placed everything right where you'd expect it to be, and we haven't cluttered the screen with lots of unnecessary items. Our designers built into the Mailfinity interface only what you need to read and send email and use our other services and features.

Permanent Email Address
Just think of it: you'll never have to change your email address again. Switch Internet Service Providers as often as you like. Move to another country. Survive a relationship break-up. With Mailfinity, those familiar and often devastating human plights have absolutely no effect on your email service. Through it all, your messages continue to flow normally. Isn't it nice to have that type of stability in this seemingly unstable world?

Personalization Plus
Are you picky? Most of us are, in one way or another. That's why we designed Mailfinity to change according to your requests. Want another color or theme on the pages? No problem. Want to dictate the number of messages displayed at one time in your inbox (why wait for all the old ones to download if you're on a slow connection)? No problem. We aim to please, and your guidance lets us know which way to develop next. Your input is appreciated and applied to our next version.

Email for Everyone
There are some amazingly good reasons for you to use the Mailfinity system depending upon who you are:

Families - Keep your email private and personal. Don't share a common account with everyone else in your family. Your Mailfinity account is located physically far from the home computer, password protected and includes secure browsing to prevent little sister from using the browser's Back button to read up on the email documentation of your love life.

Mobile Professionals - Get your email anywhere: on trips, on vacation or on the moon (not yet, but eventually). Mailfinity can even pick up your email from your other accounts, so you're never out of touch with the important aspects of your career.

Students - Going home for the summer? Graduating? Time to change email addresses again! Not if you've signed up for a Mailfinity account. It's the email address that lasts forever and goes anywhere you go.

Teachers - Need to stay in touch with your students but unable to provide them with their own email accounts? Not anymore. Get them logged onto Mailfinity, and they'll never miss an assignment or important notice from school.

And The Loosely Connected - Don't have your own computer? Not a problem. Mailfinity is available to you via any Internet connection (Web cafe, school lab, friend's computer, library). Why be behind the times just because a personal computer isn't available to you? Get your own email address. Everyone's doing it.